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Got a story about a hockey parent that you’d like to share? Everybody I talk to has got a story that will make you cringe. Some of those are in this book. If I get a lot of new stories, I may have to write another book. These stories need to be told and the culprits need to change their behaviour.

  • All stories submitted will be anonymous.
  • Any names will be removed from the story if it is used.

If you’ve got a long story to tell, I would recommend that you write it out in another program such as word or notepad and then copy and paste it into the message area below. I wouldn’t want to miss out on your story due to a technical error!

By submitting your story here, you are hereby giving me your approval to use it in any form I choose and you promise that you will behave and try to sue me later on. Thanks for sharing!

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